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Lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in people younger than 45, while neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability of all ages. Both types of pain can become chronic and affect your quality of life. Dr. Ty Ruddell and Dr. David Vicena at Everest Medical Group have years of experience helping their patients overcome neck and back pain. Please don’t continue to suffer from pain. Call their office in Mesa, Arizona, or book an appointment online so you can get on the road to healing and wellness.

Neck and Back Pain Q & A

What are the most common causes of neck and back pain?

Neck and back pain most often arise from sprains and strains of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support the spine. These injuries frequently occur during athletic activities, due to repetitive motions, or from suffering an injury such as a fall or whiplash.

Pain in your neck and back may also develop due to:

  • Disc herniation
  • Disc degeneration
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • Compression fractures from osteoporosis

How are neck and back pain related to other health problems?

You can develop neck and back pain from problems that occur elsewhere in your body:

Carpal tunnel and cervical spine

The median nerve travels from your neck or cervical spine down your arm, through the carpal tunnel in your wrist, and into your hands. Problems that affect the median nerve can be felt anywhere along the nerve.

You may develop carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist and feel pain in your neck. You can also have a problem in your neck, such as a herniated disc or cervical stenosis, that pinches the median nerve and causes pain in your arm or wrist.

Ear infection and allergies

Your head, neck, and facial area share the same nervous system. They’re also connected, with nasal and ear passages that ultimately drain into your throat. As a result, an ear infection or inflammation and infection caused by seasonal allergies can cause pain to radiate into your neck.

What chiropractic treatments alleviate neck and back pain?

When you meet the providers at Everest Medical Group, they review your medical history, perform a thorough examination, and order diagnostic tests like X-rays, if needed. Their first goal is to identify the cause of your problem and then help relieve your pain.

Your provider is especially concerned about the impact that back and neck pain have on sleep. Many patients can’t get a good night’s sleep due to the pain, which significantly impacts every aspect of their life.

Chiropractic care for your neck and back focuses on relieving pinched nerves and muscle strain. Your treatment plan may include a combination of spinal adjustments, spinal mobilization, massage, decompression, exercise, deep tissue massage, and decompression.

While those treatments are effective on your neck, gentle techniques are used. For example, cervical mobilization applies smooth, mild pressure to improve range of motion, and decompression may be done manually.